Museum of Ancient Corinth

The Museum of Ancient Corinth is one of the largest in Greece, in terms of wealth and the quality of the findings set out.

The museum was constructed in 1930, consists of four rooms and two galleries. In the lobby there is a mosaic part of the 4th century BC depicting two griffins fighting with a horse. This mosaic is one of the oldest Greek mosaics have been found.
Even exposed a rare archaic Sphinx of the 6th century BC, in almost perfect condition, a sample of mature archaic style of Corinthian school.

There are also valuable exhibits ceramics of the Geometric, Archaic and Classical periods with extremely protocorinthian samples of pottery and a rich collection of Roman finds, statues of emperors, surgical instruments, utensils, coins.

The Museum of Corinth is one of the richest and most interesting provincial museums in the country. Through the exhibits, visitors can experience the long history of this glorious city, but all of Corinth. It can monitor the evolution of art from the Neolithic period to the Middle Ages, periods of prosperity and decline, periods of wealth and periods of decline. The exhibits that are more representative of Corinthian art, reveal the complexity and the particular structure of Corinthian society, a place of intense commercial and open to influences and changes.